The Opal Man is a jewelry and opal store that carries opals and fine opal jewelry in both silver and gold. The Opal Man specializes in high quality Australian opal varieties including black opal, Koroit opal, boulder opal, crystal opal, white opal, opal doublets, treated matrix, and opal specimens. The Opal Man also carries some Mexican opal.

  The Opal Man searches for opal in various regions of Australia. These remote opal-rich areas include Lightning Ridge, Coober Peady, Koroit, and Andamooka. Rough opal material is cut and polished into gem quality stones right here in the shop. In addition to finished opal jewelry, the gallery also carries loose stones, opal specimens, and also some jewelry featuring Ethiopian Opal.

The Opal Man is located in Spring Green, Wisconsin, home of
the House on the Rock, Frank Loyd Wright's Taliesin, and the American Players Theatre.