The Opal Man is a Rough Opal Buyer


Do you have rough opal material you would like to sell? If so, The Opal Man may be interested in purchasing.

The Opal Man is interested in material from all Australian fields and all types of opal including black opal, boulder opal, white opal, crystal opal, Koroit opal.

Please call in advance to tell us about your opal and schedule an appointment. You may also email us pictures of your opals or opal material. If you email us, please tell us about your opal material, where it came from, how long you have owned it, and size or quantity of your parcel.

Contact The Opal Man.

The Opal Man will be OPEN until 7PM Fri. Dec 22 and Sat. Dec 23. (CLOSED Sunday Dec. 24).
Order by Saturday 12/16 to ensure shipping by Christmas. Dismiss