From Winton to Alice Springs is a fair bit of road and the best way was north or so we were told. Bitumen all the way but an extra 500k.

Bolia was to the south and shorter by far but we heard conflicting stories and that was par.
The truckies said it was terrible. “You’d blow all your tires. You’d better go north ‘cause we’re not liars.”
But a young lass said she’d traveled that way a little while back and had no worries and “That was a fact.”
She had two kids way back then so we had to try. After all, we were men.
We stayed overnight in Bolia. Our mind was set that the Donohue Highway was our best bet.
The day was great, the road was good and the car was loaded with nice fresh food.
300k we’re cruising along ‘til our tire went flat and we had to fix that.
We picked up some rocks and to our surprise they were jagged and sharp – was this really wise?
We decided to go forward rather than back and take our chances on this rocky track.
On to Tobermory the wind at our back. We said a prayer and relied on that.
We were worried I can tell you there in the outback not a car had we seen since starting down this track.
We knew another flat would set us back, a day maybe two and that was a fact.
We prayed that God’s grace would greatly abound and get us to Tobermory where a tire could be found.
Well, we got there all right though we looked a fright. They must have a spare or we’d be here all night.
The man was amazed and thought we were mad to come all this way with no spare to be had.
We asked for a tire and what did he say? Just “$400 is all” we’d have to pay.
We looked at that tire and truth be told it, was bald on one side and the other was mold.
We figured the worst was over. God got us this far, we’d just keep hoping and praying for tar.
We’d come a long way and the road was still bad, we’d hardly seen a vehicle and that was sad.
We came across a camper pulled off the road, with a flat tire and a heavy load.
He was at a strong tilt on the side of the road. We told him to pull up and level his load.
He wouldn’t take heed to our stern reprimand and continued to jack up that old caravan.
In a hurry we left. He must be mad, changing a tire on the side of a hill, what a cad!
On to Jarvis leaving the caravan behind, figured he was upside down, stuck in the sand.
We made it to Jarvis happily so surely they’d have a tire and off we’d go.
The lady was fair we both agreed and a whole shed of tires you wouldn’t believe.
So she looked and looked but to her disgrace there wasn’t a tire to fit in the whole darn place.
She had one tire two sizes too large, we’d be riding at an angle like a love sick barge.
We declined her offer sorry to say and she was sad we didn’t have to pay.
We added more fuel so she wouldn’t feel bad and headed for Alice a little bit glad.
We saw a Toyota heading our way. His roof had eight tires tied down to stay.
We held our breath. We were able men, but we kept praying for Bitumen.
We finally hit dust and boy were we glad. All that rock was making us sad.
We pass the gem fields so we know we’re close, maybe three hours at the most.
We stopped by the side of the road to see what we could see but truth be told the reality was we just had to pee.
We’ve come a long way and that’s no sin, but wait, stop, it’s Bitumen!!
We’re both so glad we came this far, and now we’re riding on beautiful black tar.
We made it to Alice no worse for the wear, happy we weren’t stranded, somewhere out there.
You may believe there is no God that when you die you just become sod.
But I believe that someone cares and when you ask he hears your prayers.